Thursday, 27 October 2011

Who are we and what are we doing?

Good evening everyone!

We would like to inform you a little bit about our charity event: a little bit about who we are and a little bit about who we are doing this for.

The Skylight Miscarriage Organisation was founded with the aim of to increasing the amount of support and advice available to those affected by miscarriage. Skylight aims to reduce the stigma surrounding miscarriage and offer the women and men affected the support they deserve to deal with a difficult and emotional experience.

We decided that we would like to do something to help the newly founded Skylight find their footing. After many suggestions, we eventually decided on taking part in an event that is something that we will enjoy, but also find challenging.

Since we are a group of friends who all play games together online, we thought it would be a good idea to have a gaming endurance run. the plan is for us to play Gears of War 3, on Horde mode for 48 hours straight.

No sleep. No escape.

We would like to raise awareness and raise some money, and would truly appreciate all the help we can get. Our team is 5 members strong: Alistair Cowan, Colin Henderson, Sean Kiddie, Kyle Hatch and Stephen King. We also have the help of the very kind Neil Castle, who will be taking care of us and live blogging the event.

I will leave the links for all of the forms of media we have so that you can check us out!

Thank you for reading :)

LINKS: (Sean Kiddie) (Alistair Cowan) (Colin Henderson) (Kyle Hatch) (Stephen King) (Neil Castle)


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